Shomer Shabbat Contingent to the Jamboree

Shomer Shabbat Contingent to the 2017 National Jamboree

2017 National Scout Jamboree logoJamboree Troops (age 12-17), and a Venturing Crew (age 18-21), are now being formed for Jewish Scouts from throughout the United States and other countries wishing to attend the 2017 National Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in WV.

These units eliminate all barriers to entry, and allow full access to the spectacular Jamboree experience, for Scouts whose observance of the Boy Scouts of America's 12th point of the Scout Law ... Scout is Reverent ... includes observing the four requirements of:

  1. The Jewish dietary laws at all times (Kashrut),
  2. The Sabbath from sundown Friday to nightfall on Saturday (Shabbat),
  3. Daily prayer services in the morning and afternoon/evening (Tefila),
  4. Opportunities for ongoing religious learning (Limudei Kodesh).

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Program Summary:

The Shomer Shabbat Contingent will include BSA Scouts from across the country and the world — BSA Scouts from Canada and Israel are already anticipated.

This 22-day program (July 9-30, 2017) begins with one week of Scout Summer Camp on the Forestburg Scout Reservation in the Catskill Mountains area of NY. With mornings in the superb camp program areas, where Scouts can earn merit badges, afternoons will focus on fun Jamboree Troop and Crew team-building and shakedown activities.

Traveling by coach bus, there will be time for touring in Washington, DC before heading out to West Virginia for a pre-Jamboree "day-of-service" and 10-days of spectacular Jamboree fun.

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Howard Spielman

Dr. Howard A. Spielman
Scoutmaster, Troop 54  &  Advisor, Venture Crew 54
Spirit of Adventure  Council,
Chartered to the Maimonides School, Brookline, MA and
Contingent Coordinator,
The Shomer Shabbat Contingent to the National Scout Jamboree
'89, '93, '97, '01, '05, '10, '13, '17
Phone: 781-439-5250 (Day and Evening)